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Junk Removal

Home Renovation? Yard Waste? Spring Clean-up?

We rent disposal bins and provide tonnes of savings to the people that need them. From a simple estate or garage clean up, to an entire home demolition, our orange bins will be a helping hand. We are cost effective, reliable, professional and honest. Through years of experience we know what you’ll need to clear your junk. Generous weight allotments with our mixed waste bins ensure your money stays with you. Our bins are delivered by safe, professional drivers and all junk bin reservations automatically include a 10 day rental period.
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Do you need to get rid of some house hold junk?

Here are your options and reasons why you should rent a garbage bin and do it yourself…

Option A : Full-Service

We don’t do this and here’s why… Ask yourself if you really want to hire a full-service junk removal company. You may at first think it’s the best way, but have you considered doing it yourself. For starters, tossing your own junk out won’t take very long and realistically it’s not that much work.

Do you want to grant strangers access to your property? Do you want to stay home and let them in and monitor what they are removing from your home? What happens if they throw out a family heirloom or your favourite Christmas décor that you forgot to label? Ask yourself if you really want strangers going through your belongings….

You could in theory spend all day sorting everything and stock piling your trash on the driveway or in the garage, but at that point you’ve already done most of the work. So why hire a full-service company and pay double or triple the amount to toss your junk?

Option B : Do It Yourself

Rent a garbage bin from us. We will deliver the bin on the day that you choose, protect your driveway with wood, we have upfront pricing with no hidden costs and have a simple online ordering system. You don’t have to be home, simply tell us where you want the garbage bin placed and it will be placed there.

We have generous weight allotments on every bin, affordable costs for additional weight and you have 10 days to fill it up. Ensure the right items are disposed of and keep people off your property by tossing your own junk.

If you are cleaning out your garage or basement a 14-yard garbage bin is more than enough. They are about 4 feet tall, which allows you to easily toss in your junk. They include 2 of waste disposal, delivery, pick up and the 10-day rental all for under $400. Now that’s a deal.

If you’re ready to order your garbage bin, we are ready to deliver it.