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Waste Audits

What is a Waste Audit and Who Requires One?

A waste audit is an assessment of the waste and recycling material generated by your facility, organization or job site. The audit is used to determine the source of the waste, the priorities of the business and ultimately will provide base line information which is used to increase diversion rates while reducing overhead costs. The data is used to develop waste management plans, diversion goals and waste reduction techniques to help manage waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
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In Ontario, the following waste generators require an annual waste audit:

  • Construction / Demolition Project
    • Total floor area of at least 2,000 m2 (residential or commercial)
  • Educational Institution
    • More than 350 persons are enrolled in a calendar year
  • Hotel / Motel
    • More than 75 units
  • Office
    • At least 10,000 m2 of floor area for use as offices
  • Retail Shopping Establishment
    • Floor area of at least 10,000 m2
  • Retail Shopping Complex
    • Total floor area of complex is at least 10,000 m2
  • Manufacturing Facility
    • 16,000 hours in any one calendar month during the preceding two calendar years.
  • Restaurant
    • Gross sales for all restaurants operated by the owner in Ontario were $3 million or more in any of the two preceding calendar years
  • Public Hospital
    • If designated Group A, B or F hospital in Regulation 964
If you require further information on the O. Reg. 102/94: WASTE AUDITS AND WASTE REDUCTION WORK PLANS under Environmental Protection Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. E.19 visit

Steps to a Successful Audit?

Step 1 – Records Overview

A review of your purchasing records, current recycling practices and waste disposal services and contracts.

Step 2 – Facility Tour

Seeing the daily activities and waste generation first hand helps us to estimate the types of waste generated. The walk-through would focus on waste-generating activities and current waste removal practices.

Step 3 – Waste Sample

Weighing a sample of your waste materials over a specified period will allow us to breakdown the materials by category and will allow us to understand the total waste generation.

Why Select Triple Waste?

Every organization generates different types of waste and various recycling methods can be used depending on your specific output. Our Waste Audits can be completed in a variety of different ways and can be customized according to your needs. As a well-established waste management company not only can we provide waste audits, waste reduction plans and assist with answering questions to assess compliance, but we can help reduce overhead costs through recycling. We thrive on sustainability and take pride in having high diversion rates. We recycle and reuse as much material as possible and only use Licensed Transfer Stations, Material Recovery Facilities and Land Fills. We provide LEED documentation and fantastic guidelines and ideas for source separation.

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